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Click for DavE Romm's page, which has the Shockwave FAQ, a science fiction radio show we do along with Jerry Stearns. I'm co-webmeister of the Firesign Theatre web page, I've written and performed comedy with David Ossman and Phil Proctor on stage, and I'm collaborating with Peter Bergman making flash movies. I've also performed with Dan Coffey (Dr. Science) of Ask Dr. Science.

Go to the picture galleries to see some of what we've done. Hear Phil & Dave (and Phil's wife Melinda) at Minicon 33 Opening Ceremonies doing a radio show that contains material from the new Firesign album. And here's a special section on Off the Air, Shockwave's radio/TV project, filmed partly at the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting.

HEY! There's another new Firesign Theatre album out, "Bride of Firesign"!  Look into the Firesign related stuff at LodesTone Media, including "George Tirebiter's Radio Follies" by David Ossman (I did the Ersatz Hirschfeld cover art). Keep up-to-date with Firezine, the official official Firesign Theatre fanzine. They toured the west coast in 1999

Hey, I had a Dishonorable Mention in the Bulwer-Lytton contest for 1999!
Here it is:
"So far this year, Cary Yamanaka's skill in karate had netted him three trophies--two bowling, one golf."

Kind of goes with all the times I've won the International Obfuscated C Code Contest.

Read about my wife's "feud" with comedian Todd Barry here.

Here is my blog about my World of Warcraft pacifist characters.

Also check out Brother Theodore's Dark Humor website.

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