I made it a Highlander deck just for fun.
For a better deck, substitute dual lands for
the painlands, another Strip Mine for Wasteland,
and Cities of Brass for Gemstone Mine & Undiscovered Paradise.

*UG    Tropical Island
*UB    Underground Sea
*UB1   Underground River      1 dmg for color
*UW    Tundra
*UW1   Adarkar Wastes         1 dmg for color
*GW    Savannah
*GW1   Brushland              1 dmg for color
*GB    Bayou
*UGBRW City of Brass          1 dmg
*UGBRW Undiscovered Paradise  returns at untap phase if used
*UGBRW Gemstone Mine          buries itself after 3 uses
*????? Reflecting Pool        1 mana any kind your other lands can make
*4     Scorched Ruins         sac 2 untapped lands when enters play
*2     Ancient Tomb           2 dmg
*2     City of Traitors       sac if you play another land
*1     Crystal Vein           sac for 2
*1     Strip Mine             sac to destroy land
*1     Wasteland              sac to destroy nonbasic land
*1     Library of Alexandria  T: draw card (only if 7 in hand)

 G     Birds of Paradise      0/1 flying  T: 1 mana any color
 2G    Ley Druid              1/1  T: untap land
 2BB   Juzam Djinn            5/5  1 dmg/upkeep
 1U    Sindbad                1/1  T: draw card, keep if land
 2U    Serendib Efreet        3/4 flying  1 dmg/upkeep
 3U    Illusionary Forces     4/4 flying  CU:U
 3U    Clone                  */*
 1UU   Volraths Shapeshifter  0/1 or copy of top of graveyard  2: discard
 3UU   Vesuvan Doppelganger   */*
 1     Phyrexian Dreadnought 12/12 trample  sac creature(s) POW>=12
 4     Soldevi Simulacrum     2/4  1: +1/+0 CU:1
 4     Juggernaut             5/3  must attack, walls cannot block
 4     Soldevi Golem          5/3  untap opponent creature to untap
 4     Su-Chi                 4/4  get 4 mana when dies
 9     Colossus of Sardia     9/9 trample  9 to untap

 G     Berserk                power x 2, gain trample, dies after attack
 G     Instill Energy         can attack this turn, untap once a turn
 1G    Regrowth               get any card from graveyard
 1G    Sylvan Library         draw 2 extra cards, keep for 4 life
 1B    Demonic Tutor          get any card from library
 1B    Animate Dead           get creature from any graveyard, gets -1/-0 
 1B    Terror                 bury nonblack,nonartifact creature
 U     Twiddle                tap/untap permanent
 U     Whispers of the Muse   buyback: 5  draw a card
 U     Essence Flare          +2/+0; -0/-1 each upkeep
 1U    Copy Artifact
 UU    Mana Drain             counter spell; get cost in mana main phase
 1UU   Capsize                buyback: 3  return permanent to owner's hand
 2UU   Abduction              untap; control; dies=comes out of GY for owner
 3UU   Force of Will          counter spell; discard U spell + 1 life to cast
 XXU   Recall                 discard X cards to get X cards from graveyard
 W     Swords to Plowshares   remove creature, owner gets life=power
 W     Spirit Link            gain 1 life for every 1 damage creature inflicts
 1W    Balance                players sac to equal # of creatures/lands/cards
 1W    Disenchant             destroy enchantment or artifact
 0     Jeweled Amulet         1T: save 1 mana for later (same color)
 0     Mox Diamond            T: 1 mana any color  discard land when cast
 1     Candelabra of Tawnos   XT: untap X lands
 1     Feldons Cane           T,sac: shuffle graveyard into library
 1     Sol Ring               T: 2 mana
 2     Fellwar Stone          T: 1 mana of color opponent's land can make
 2     Soldevi Digger         2: move top card of graveyard to bottom of library