This is a living forest kind of deck. Wood Elemental costs 3G and is N/N, where N is the number of untapped Forests you sacrifice when it comes into play. Lots of global land killing combos in this.

15 Forest
7 Plains
1 Ruins of Trokair

4 Llanowar Elves [for when my forests/plains are gone]
4 Fyndhorn Elves
1 Farrelite Priest

1 Ironroot Treefolk [theme of living trees]
1 Argothian Treefolk
1 Wormwood Treefolk
1 Wood Elemental
1 Thelonite Druid [2/3 Forests can survive Holy Light]

1 Killer Bees [need a flying creature; heavily green anyway]
1 Erhnam Djinn [I might not have any forests]
1 Savannah Lions

1 Zuran Orb [Sacrifice all land when I cast Armageddon]
1 Library of Leng [Land Tax allows me to hoard land]
1 Feldon's Cane [recycle killed land]
1 Howling Mine [with Fastbond and/or Gaea's Touch, I get land out faster]

1 Fastbond [great if I also have Reverse Damage and a ton of land in hand]
1 Gaea's Touch [faster forest growth, green mana after forests are gone]
1 Cyclone [kill everyone's land if Living Plane is out]
1 Living Plane [living forest theme, and Holy Light can kill all land]
1 Living Lands [living forest theme]
1 Stampede [for attacking forests/elves]
1 Sylvan Library [GREAT with Land Tax; 3 new cards to choose from PER TURN]
1 Land Tax [if I kill my land, I want to get it back]
1 Balance [if I kill my land, I want you to suffer too]
1 Armageddon [if I kill my land, NOBODY has land]
1 Reverse Damage [for mass damage from Fastbond]
1 Holy Light [This and Living Plane kills all land]
1 Heaven's Gate [This with Holy Light and Living Plane lets MY land live]
2 Swords to Plowshares
1 Regrowth
1 Righteousness
1 Disenchant
1 Death Ward