Last Updated: 19:30 Friday, May 12, 2000

There are many infinite combinations in MTG; here is an attempt to generalize
them and organize the combinations.  There are lots of variants.
(standard mana abbreviations: B=black, U=blue, G=green, R=red, W=white)
[upkeep] designates a combination that only works during upkeep.
[attack] designates a combination that only works during your attack phase.

First, the basic "engines".  An engine is any combination that
eventually returns to the original starting point (with possible
*free* side effects like damage or mana/life gain).  Side effects
can be added to an engine that does nothing.  End-of-turn side effects
(such as Farrelite Priest or Rocket Launcher destroyed) are ignored.

Obsolete Engines (functional changes due to card errata)
Time Vault
	(Time Vault now has errata; merely untapping it does nothing)
	Add Elder Druid or Animate Artifact + Instill Energy to untap
	Time Vault each turn for infinite turns; give Time Vault to
	opponent using Gauntlets of Chaos or Juxtapose and use
	Magus of the Unseen to untap and use the Time Vault each turn.

Basalt Monolith
	Tap to get 3 mana, untap with same 3 mana.
	    (now illegal to untap with own mana)
	Add Initiates of the Ebon Hand or Farrelite Priest;
	tap to get 3 mana, launder through IotEH/FP, untap with 3 mana.
	    (now doesn't actually untap until end of phase)

4th edition Mana Vault w/Power Artifact [upkeep]
	Tap to get 3 mana, untap with 2 mana.
	    (now doesn't actually untap until end of phase)

Pre-Revised Wild Growth
	Adding Wild Growth to an engine with a special-tapping land (e.g.
	Maze of Ith + attacking Ley Druid) to generate mana.
	    (now Wild Growth only produces mana when land is tapped for mana)

Chronicles Feldon's Cane 
        Used to be able to recycle itself like Timetwister
	    (now removes itself when sacrificed like AQ Cane)


    Feldon's Cane + Battle Cry + white creatures
	Have no cards in your library or your graveyard (using
	Tormod's Crypt).  In play, you have a Library of Alexandria,
	3 Ley Druids, 2 Birds of Paradise, and 4 Llanowar Elves.
	In your hand, 2 Battle Crys, 2 Feldon's Cane, 2 Disenchants,
	Heaven's Gate, and 4 other cards.  Tap a Plains and turn
	all your creatures white with Heaven's Gate to start.
	Tap Birds and Elves for WWGGGG.  Cast Feldon's Cane (1)
	and Battle Cry (2W) (all your creatures untap).  Use Cane,
	but respond with Disenchant (1W).  This has the Cane resolve
	with itself in the graveyard (along with Battle Cry and
	Disenchant).  All three end up in your new library.
	Use 3 Ley Druids and Library of Alexandria to draw 3 cards
	(keep your hand at 7 cards by playing the duplicates as you
	redraw the cards).  Repeat.

    Feldon's Cane + Twiddle
	Have no cards in your library or your graveyard (using
	Tormod's Crypt).  In play, you have Atog, Initiates,
	Oath of Lim-Dul, Mana Flare, and an Island w/4 Wild Growth.
	Tap Island for UUGGGG, Twiddle it back, cast Cane,
	activate it, respond by feeding Cane to Atog.  Change
	4 mana to BBBB to redraw Twiddle and Cane, repeat.

Eater of the Dead + Krovikan Plague
	Stack up alternating activations of Eater of the Dead's untap
	ability with Krovikan Plague's tap-to-damage ability for
	infinite damage; the -0/-1 counters and actual removal of a
	creature from the graveyard (plus the actual damage) won't
	happen until the stack resolves.
	    (Now doesn't untap until resolution)

0-cost activations of the form "Do A to do B" are no longer "stackable"
to produce infinite artifact damage via Haunting Wind/Artifact Possession,
since the "Do A" part is now a cost.  This obsoletes e.g. Soldevi Golem +
Haunting Wind to get infinite damage.

[If cards are played according to the most recent printing, some other
combinations also become obsolete]

Legal Engines
Channel + Spirit Link(s) (plus possible mana Color Laundering)
	Creature (or artifact w/Animate Artifact) which damages something
	by paying an activation cost which only requires mana (no tapping
	or sacrificing, etc).  Add enough Spirit Links to cover the mana
	paid as life (and any damage to you), use Channel to change life into
	colorless mana, and (if needed) color the mana (see Color Laundering).


	Rocket Launcher (2) w/Animate Artifact + 2 Spirit Links
	Brothers of Fire (1RR) w/2 SLs + colorless-to-red
	Electric Eel (RR) w/3 SLs + colorless-to-red
	Wormwood Treefolk (GG or BB) w/2 SLs + colorless-to-black/green
	Ifh-Biff Efreet (G) w/Earthbind w/1 SL + colorless-to-green
	Marjhan (UU) w/3 SLs + attacking Drudge Skeletons +
	    colorless-to-blue & colorless-to-black [attack]
	Thorn Thallid w/6 SLs + Fungal Bloom (GGGGGG) + colorless-to-green
	(Non-convocation with 6 Spirit Links)
	Snow Fortress (3) [only during opponent's attack; see below]
	Crypt Rats w/1 Spirit Link + Black Ward + colorless-to-black

    Channel + Spirit Link + Snow Fortress [opponent's attack]
	You have Snow Fortress w/3 Spirit Links and a Nettling Imp out,
	and a Fork and Word of Command in hand; your opponent has
	Clergy of the Holy Nimbus out, and Channel in hand.  WoC
	your opponent to cast Channel; Fork Channel, then Nettle the
	Clergy.  Pay 3 life for 3 mana to have Snow Fortress do 1
	damage to Clergy (they regenerate, but are still attacking);
	gain 3 life from Spirit Links, repeat.

Channel + Sol'kanar the Swamp King
	Sol'kanar gives you 1 life for casting a black spell; Sleight the
	color to a spell you can repeatedly cast and use Channel and
	Color Laundering to keep it going.  Contemplation is even
	better, since you can have more than one (Sol'kanar is a legend).


    Channel + Sol'kanar the Swamp King Sleighted to green + Forgotten Lore
     + Forgotten Lore in graveyard (the only card) + colorless-to-green
	Cast Channel; cast Forgotten Lore for G (gain 1 life), get it back
	from graveyard, Channel 1 life, colorless-to-green, repeat.
	(Can also substitute Regrowth + Stone Calendar)

    Channel + Sol'kanar the Swamp King Sleighted to white + Blinking Spirit
     + 2 Planar Gates + Farrelite Priest
	Cast Channel; cast Blinking Spirit for W (gain 1 life), return
	to hand, Channel 1 life, change to W, repeat.
Channel + free life Enchantments like Powerleech, Thoughtleech, Lifetap, etc.
	These Enchantments give you life for tapping of lands or artifacts
	controlled by opponent; if you are able to tap and untap an opponent's
	permanent repeatedly, you can set up an infinite loop.


    Channel + 4 Thoughtleech + 4 Lifetap Magical Hacked to Islands
     + 4 Lifeblood + Time Elemental + Ley Druid + Concordant Crossroads
     + 2 Malachite Talismans (one w/Power Artifact) + Icy Manipulator
     + colorless-to-green/blue
	Cast Channel and tap 12 mana to be used as green or blue to start.
	Cast Ley Druid for 2G, power Talismans to untap Icy Manipulator
	and Time Elemental (costs 3+1), tap Ley Druid to untap opponent's
	Volcanic Island, tap Icy Manipulator with 1 mana to tap opponent's 
	Volcanic Island (gain 12 life), tap Time Elemental with 2UU
	to return Ley Druid to hand, Channel 12 mana, repeat.
	(Can also use Benthic Explorers instead of Ley Druid)

    Puppet Master + Concordant Crossroads + Hyperion Blacksmith
     + Stone Calendar + Homarid Spawning Bed Sleighted to red
     + Sol'kanar Sleighted to red + 4 Powerleech + 4 Relic Bind
     on opponent's artifact + Channel + Farrelite Priest + Sunglasses
     + another Sunglasses Sleighted to blue + Ashnod's Altar.
	Cast Channel and tap 22 mana, change to white to use as red or
	blue.  Cast Hyperion Blacksmith (RR with Stone Calendar), cast
	Puppet Master (UUU), tap to tap opponent's artifact (gain 8 life),
	sacrifice to Bed (1UU), get back Hyperion Blacksmith, pay UUU to
	get back Puppet Master, sacrifice 3 Camarids for 6 mana, repeat
	to UNtap opponent's artifact (6 mana, no life gained), gain 2 life
	from Sol'kanar for 2 red spells, Channel 10 life and repeat.

Channel also works with Angelic Choruses and ways to generate/cast
creatures by paying mana (The Hive, Recurring Nightmare, Splinter Queen..)

4 Third edition Nether Shadows in graveyard [upkeep]
	One Nether Shadow comes out; sacrifice for some effect
	(Fallen Angel, Ashnod's Altar, etc) + repeat.

	Can also be done with 4 pre-Revised Nether Shadows with
	Ashnod's Altar and IotEH.

Untap cost that can be paid multiple times during upkeep [upkeep]
(Paralyze, Magnetic Mountain, Dream Tides, etc).

    Ley Druid w/Paralyze + land tapped for 4 mana (Urza, Wild Growth, etc)
	Untap Ley Druid with 4 mana, tap Ley Druid to untap land, repeat.

    Magnetic Mountain + Living Plane + Thoughtlaced land tapped for 4 mana
	Untap land for 4 mana, tap for 4, repeat.
    Candelabra of Tawnos w/Animate Artifact + Paralyze + land(s) that can
    be tapped for >1 mana
	Pay 4 mana to untap Candelabra, 3 mana + tap Candelabra to
	untap set of Urza lands (Tower, Mine, Power Plant), tap
	lands for 7 mana, repeat.
    Hell's Caretaker w/Paralyze + Homarid Spawning Bed + Ashnod's Altar
     + a Camarid token creature + blue creature in graveyard with casting
     cost >= 5 + Farrelite Priest + Sunglasses of Urza Sleighted to blue.
	Sacrifice Camarid + tap Caretaker to bring blue creature into play,
	sacrifice blue creature (1UU via FP+SofU) for 5 Camarids,
	sacrifice 4 Camarids to Altar for 8 mana, use 4 to untap Caretaker,
	1 Camarid and >3 mana left to repeat cycle.

    Hell's Caretaker w/Paralyze + Homarid Spawning Bed Sleighted to green
     + Ashnod's Altar + a Camarid token creature + Ley Druid in graveyard
     + Urza's Tower + Concordant Crossroads + Farrelite Priest
     + Sunglasses of Urza Sleighted to blue.
	Sacrifice Camarid + tap Caretaker to bring Ley Druid into play,
	tap it to untap Urza's Tower, tap Tower and sacrifice Druid
	with 1UU to change into 3 Camarids, sacrifice 2 Camarids
	for 4 mana, untap Caretaker with 4 mana, repeat.

Maze of Ith + your attacking creature that can tap to untap Maze [attack]
	Tap Maze to untap creature, tap creature to untap Maze;
	note that untapped creature is still attacking.


    Ley Druid

    Candelabra of Tawnos w/Animate Artifact
	(need land that can be tapped for >1 mana or Power Artifact)

    A second Maze of Ith + Living Plane
	Both Mazes attack and you Twiddle/Instill Energy untap
	one Maze so they can repeatedly tap to untap each other.
	(Non-convocation deck, unless the other Maze is stolen)

Deck cycling cards; Timetwister can be used to create a library-wide cycle.
Soldevi Digger moves a card from your graveyard to the bottom of your
library; if your library is empty (use Demonic Consultation or
Thought Lash, or thin it with Browse), you can redraw the card.
Gaea's Blessing reshuffles some or all of your graveyard back in;
Paradigm Shift will cycle if your library is empty.


    Timetwister + Time Walk + Regrowth
	Play Timetwister to reshuffle your graveyard and hand into
	your library and draw a new hand; draw cards until you get
	Regrowth and Time Walk, cast Time Walk to get an extra turn,
	cast Regrowth to get Timetwister and repeat for infinite turns.

	Reduce your graveyard + library + hand to 8 cards using
	Tormod's Crypt and you always get the cards needed.

	To draw up to 16 cards for 1G, have 16 Verduran Enchantresses
	out (4 real, 4 Clone, 4 Doppelganger, 4 Dance of Many), and
	an Animated Obelisk of Undoing with 3 Power Artifacts and
	Instill Energy.  Tap Obelisk to return Instill to hand (1), cast
	Instill Energy on Obelisk (G), untap Obelisk.  Draw up to 16 cards
	for casting Instill Energy (drawing is optional, so you can draw
	exactly as many cards as you have left, if less than 16).  Eight
	or ten land should be enough to draw your entire library and
	keep casting infinite turns.
    Soldevi Digger + Time Walk + 3U mana available
	No cards in library, Time Walk on top of graveyard;
	Use Soldevi Digger to move Time Walk during your draw phase;
	draw Time Walk and cast for another turn.

    Soldevi Digger + Browse + High Tide + Lapis Lazuli Talisman
     + 13 Islands
	No cards in library;
	Tap an Island for U, cast High Tide.  Tap 4 Islands for
	8 blue mana, use Soldevi Digger and Browse, re-cast High Tide
	(1 mana left).  Tap 2 Islands for 6 more mana, re-cast High Tide.
	Tap 3 Islands for 12 more mana, re-cast High Tide and untap an
	Island with the Talisman (2 mana left).  Tap 2 Islands for
	10 more mana, re-cast High Tide and untap an Island (2 mana left).
	Tap 2 Islands for 12 more mana, re-cast High Tide and untap an
	Island (4 mana left).  Tap 2 Islands for 14 more mana, re-cast
	High Tide and untap an Island (8 mana left).  Tap 1 Island
	for 8 more mana, re-cast High Tide and untap an Island (6 mana
	left).  Tap 1 Island for 9 more mana, re-cast High Tide and
	untap an Island (5 mana left).  Tap 1 Island for 10 more mana,
	re-cast High Tide and untap an Island (5 mana left).  Tap 1
	Island for 11 more mana, re-cast High Tide and untap an Island
	(6 mana left)...

    Soldevi Digger + Onulet + Greed
	No cards in library, Onulet on top of graveyard;
	use Soldevi Digger (with Power Artifact) to move Onulet for 1,
	use Greed (B & 2 life) to draw Onulet,
	cast for 0 with two Stone Calendars out,
	sacrifice Onulet to Ashnod's Altar for 2 mana and 2 life,
	use Initiates to change 1 mana to B, repeat.

    Soldevi Digger + Omen of Fire + Fastbond + Ali from Cairo
    + Oath of Lim-Dul
	No cards in library;
	Cast Omen of Fire (3RR) to return 9 of your own Islands to your
	hand (including two Volcanic Islands and two Underground Seas);
	use Soldevi Digger (2) to move Omen of Fire onto your library,
	use Oath of Lim-Dul (BB) to redraw it, and put all of your
	Islands back into play.  Repeat.

    Soldevi Digger + untapping cards
	No cards in library;
	Use either Energy Arc or Heaven's Gate + Battle Cry to
	untap various mana-producing creatures (Birds of Paradise,
	Llanowar Elves, etc), use Soldevi Digger to move the card(s)
	to your library, and use Oath of Lim-Dul to redraw the card(s).
	You can also use Jayemdae Tomes that have been untapped
	as creatures via Animate Artifact or using Elder Druids,
	or use Greed if you gain life for recasting Energy Arc
	using lucky charms, etc.

    Soldevi Digger + Infernal Harvest + Fastbond + Sustaining Spirit
    + opponent's Clergy of the Holy Nimbus w/Betrayal + Onyx Talisman
	No cards in library;
	Tap 7 swamps and cast Infernal Harvest, power Talisman
	to untap Clergy of the Holy Nimbus, and power Soldevi Digger
	to move Infernal Harvest to your library.  Return all swamps
	to your hand and damage Clergy of the Holy Nimbus (they
	regenerate and tap, allowing you to redraw Infernal Harvest).
	Put swamps back out and repeat.

Returning cards to your hand using Puppet Master, Enduring Renewal,
Karakas, Adun Oakenshield, buyback, or other "return to hand" effects.
Recasting a card (after returning it to your hand somehow) also untaps it.


    Puppet Master + Su-Chi + Ashnod's Altar + 4 Stone Calendars
	Cast Su-Chi for free, cast Puppet Master on him for UUU,
	sacrifice to Ashnod's Altar for 2 mana plus 4 from Su-Chi,
	get Su-Chi back, pay UUU to get Puppet Master back, launder
	mana to blue, repeat.

    Puppet Master + Homarid Spawning Bed + Ashnod's Altar
	Cast a creature for N mana, Enchant with Puppet Master for UUU,
	turn into N creatures with Spawning Bed for 1UU, creature returns
	to hand, Puppet Master returns to hand by paying UUU, sacrifice N
	creatures to Altar to get 2*N mana, launder mana to get color(s)
	needed to repeat.
	(Sleight Spawning Bed if creature is not blue).

	Since you need to spend 9 mana to cast Puppet Master/activate
	Spawning Bed/retrieve Puppet Master, the casting cost of the
	creature must be at least 9, and the Spawning Bed won't work with
	a colorless creature.  This works as-is with Leviathan.  With
	2 Planar Gates or 4 Stone Calendars out, you can use non-artifact
	creatures with a casting cost as little as 5, depending on how much
	of the cost is colorless.  Or you can cast a Clone/Doppelganger of
	a creature; you can copy creatures with a casting cost of 7 or more,
	and Doppelganger can copy artifact creatures.

    Enduring Renewal (much cheaper than Puppet Master)
	Cast 0-cost creatures and sacrifice them to Ashnod's Altar,
	Fallen Angel, etc. and repeat.  Cast Su-Chi, sacrifice,
	and re-cast with the 4 mana Su-Chi gives you.  Cast Tinder Wall
	for G, sacrifice for RR and launder 1 red to green and repeat.
	Two IotEH + Ashnod's Altar for infinite black mana.

	You can use almost any colored creature (that only requires
	mana to cast, no sacrificing, etc) to generate mana if you
	include a Sleighted Homarid Spawning Bed and Ashnod's Altar.
	You can use Artifact Creatures with casting costs up to 11
	if you use Stone Calendars (and a copy) and 4 Helm of Awakening.

	With Planar Gate, cast Rukh Egg for 1R, sacrifice to Altar
	for 2, launder 1 to red, and repeat for infinite Rukhs.
	Didgeridoo w/Power Artifact + Altar can allow you to loop
	Minotaurs for infinite mana during your opponent's turn.

	With Living Lands + Concordant Crossroads + Ashnod's Altar
	+ Fastbond + COP:G, you get infinite mana (can't use
	Living Plane though, as both it and Concordant Crossroads are
	Enchant World cards).

	Many, many other combinations; too many to list.

    Hallowed Ground + Fastbond + Farrelite Priest + COP:G + Urza's Tower
	Put Tower into play, tap for 3, prevent 1 damage with 1,
	change 2 to WW, return Tower to hand for WW, repeat.
	(can also use Island w/2 High Tides or any land + Mana Flares)

    Flooded Shoreline + 2 High Tide + Fastbond + 2 Crystal Rods
    + blue creature with casting cost of 2
	Cast High Tides.  Tap 2 Islands for UUUUUU, cast a
	blue creature and power Crystal Rods to gain 2 life.  Use
	Flooded Shoreline and return Islands and creature to your
	hand, then replay Islands for 2 damage.
    Shrieking Drake (or Man-o'-War with 2 Helm of Awakening)
    + Lapis Lazuli Talisman + Island w/3 Wild Growth
	Tap land for 4 mana, cast creature and bounce it back into
	your hand, power Talisman to untap land.

    Crown of Flames/Flickering Ward/Shimmering Wings
    + appropriate Talisman + land w/3 Wild Growth + Mana Flare
	Cast & bounce enchantment, untap land with Talisman, repeat.

Concordant Crossroads or Fervor allows creature tapping abilities to
be used when creatures are recast/brought into play.


    Enduring Renewal + Concordant Crossroads + Ley Druid + Forest
     + Ashnod's Altar
	Sacrifice Druid for 2, tap Forest, cast Druid, tap Druid to untap
	Forest, repeat.

    Concordant Crossroads + 2 Hell's Caretakers (one in graveyard) [upkeep]
	Tap one Caretaker and sacrifice it; put that one in
	the graveyard, bring out the other one.  Repeat.

    Puppet Master + Concordant Crossroads + Ley Druid + Urza's Tower
    w/4 Wild Growths + Ashnod's Altar + Farrelite Priest
     + Sunglasses of Urza Sleighted to blue.
	Tap 2 mana to start.  Tap Tower for 7 mana, launder 6 mana
	to white, to use as blue (mana pool is 2GUUUUUU).
	Cast Ley Druid w/Puppet Master.  Tap Ley Druid to untap Tower.
	Sacrifice Druid to Altar for 2 mana, get Druid back with
	Puppet Master, pay UUU to get back Puppet Master.  Repeat.

    Concordant Crossroads + Snow Hound + Ley Druid + Planar Gate
    + Plains w/2 Wild Growth
	Tap Plains for WGG; cast Snow Hound for W and Ley Druid for G 
	with Planar Gate.  Tap Druid to untap Plains, tap Snow Hound
	with 1 to return both creatures to hand and repeat.

Untapping cards like Norritt or Elder Druid also allow tapping abilities
to be reused.


	Sleight or Thoughtlace a Norritt so you can tap it to untap
	itself, and repeat.

    Norritt + Adun Oakenshield + Karakas + Candelabra of Tawnos
    In play:
	Concordant Crossroads, Karakas, 2 Mountain, 2 Forest, 3 Swamp,
	2 sets of Urza lands, Ashnod's Altar, Thoughtlaced Candelabra
	of Tawnos w/Animate Artifact, Norritt
    In hand:
	Adun Oakenshield

	Sacrifice Norritt to Altar for 2 mana and tap all land but Karakas
	for 16RRGGBBB, cast Adun Oakenshield for GRB, GRB+tap to bring
        Norritt to hand, cast for 3B, tap Karakas to return Adun to hand,
        tap Candelabra with 13 mana to untap all lands, tap Norritt to untap
	Candelabra, repeat.

    Concordant Crossroads + Norritt + Skull of Orm w/Animate Artifact +
    Thoughtlace + Power Artifact + Dance of Many + Homarid Spawning Bed
    Sleighted to black + Ashnod's Altar + colorless-to-blue
	Cast DofM of the Norritt, tap to untap Skull, sacrifice to Bed
	with 1UU for 4 Camarids (DofM enchantment goes to graveyard),
	sacrifice to Altar for 8 mana, tap Skull with 3 to get DofM,
	color 5 mana to blue, repeat.

    Enduring Renewal + Concordant Crossroads + Ashnod's Altar
     + Candelabra of Tawnos + Xenic Poltergeist + 2 Swamps.
	Tap 4 mana to start.  Tap Swamps for BB.  Cast Candelabra and
	Xenic Poltergeist.  Tap Candelabra w/2 mana to untap the 2 Swamps.
	Tap Poltergeist to make Candelabra a 1/1 artifact creature.
	Sacrifice Xenic Poltergeist and Candelabra for 4 mana.  Repeat.

    Concordant Crossroads + Elder Druid + False Demise
	Use Concordant Crossroads and Elder Druid to untap a
	Skull of Orm to get back False Demise, cast it on the Elder Druid
	and sacrifice it to Ashnod's Altar.  Use a Talisman to
	untap an Island with 4 Wild Growths, 4 High Tides and
	4 Mana Flares to pay for all this.

    Enduring Renewal + Altar of Dementia + 0-cost creature w/nonzero power
	Sacrifice creature to mill card(s), recast, repeat.

Talismans allows more untapping effects when colored creatures or
spells are recast, especially with City of Shadows.  Permanents that
return themselves to your hand can be recast.


    Leshrac's Sigil + Onyx Talisman + City of Shadows w/7 counters + IotEH
	Cast Sigil for BB, power Talisman for 3 to untap land, return
	Sigil to hand for BB, tap City for 7, launder to 3BBBB, repeat.

    Freyalise's Charm + Malachite Talisman + Urza's Tower w/4 Wild Growth
	Cast Charm for GG, power Talisman for 3 to untap land, return
	Charm to hand for GG, tap Tower for 3GGGG, repeat.

    Foul Familiar + Onyx Talisman + City of Shadows w/7 counters + IotEH +
    Sol'kanar the Swamp King
	Cast Foul Familiar for 2B (gain 1 life), power Talisman for 3 to untap
	land, return Foul Familiar to hand for B (lose 1 life), tap land
	for 7, launder to 5BB, repeat.

    Viscerid Armor + Lapis Lazuli Talisman + 4 High Tides + 2 Wild Growths
	Cast Viscerid Armor for 1U, untap Island with Talisman for (3),
	return Viscerid Armor to your hand for 1U, tap Island for
	UUUUUGG, repeat.

    Phelddagrif + Talismans + mana boosters
	Cast Phelddagrif for 1WUG and power Talismans to untap
	mana-boosted lands, and return Phelddagrif to your hand for U.

    Adun Oakenshield + Talismans
	Adun Oakenshield, Farrelite Priest, Sunglasses, Sunglasses Sleighted
	to green & blue, Initiates of the Ebon Hand, lots of Talismans,
	City of Shadows with a LOT of counters, and a bunch of (preferably
	multicolor) creatures in your graveyard.  Tap City for a bunch of
	mana, tap Adun to get a creature, cast it, power Talismans to untap
	Adun (and City, if needed), repeat, sacrifice a creature to the
	City, untap City by casting something else, repeat ad infinitum.

    Whispers of the Muse + blue Talisman + land tapped for 8U
	Tap land for 8U, cast Whispers of the Muse to draw a
	card and buyback spell, power Talisman to untap land, repeat.

Master of the Hunt w/Ashnod's Transmogrant + Power Artifact
	Reduces cost of generating Wolf of the Hunt tokens to GG;
	sacrifice to Ashnod's Altar for 2 mana, colorless-to-green
	and repeat.

Hyperion Blacksmith w/Ashnod's Transmogrant
	An artifact Hyperion Blacksmith can tap to untap another
	artifact Hyperion Blacksmith controlled by opponent.
	This requires cooperation by your opponent, however.

	You can more-or-less force your opponent to keep the loop
	going if they have a Forcefield and two life left, and you
	attack with a large Lured trampling non-artifact creature.
	If their Blacksmith is untapped when blocking is declared,
	they must block the trampler, which prevents them from using
	the Forcefield.  If your only artifact is your tapped Blacksmith,
	they must tap their Blacksmith to untap yours, or lose the game.

Haunting Wind/Artifact Possession + 0-cost artifact activation
(Urza's Avenger, Blinking Spirit w/Ashnod's Transmogrant, etc)
	Repeatedly activate artifact (interrupting each activation with
	another one, so the activations stack up) to get infinite damage.

Chain Stasis + Living Plane + land that can be tapped for > 2 mana
	Utap Island w/2 Wild Growth with Chain Stasis, tap Island
	for UGG to untap itself again, repeat.  Also works with
	Animated Mishra's Factory w/2 Wild Growth and doubly
	Sleighted Sunglasses of Urza, Magical Hacked Thelonite Druid +
	Island + 2 Mana Flares, Balduvian Conjurer and snow-covered
	Island w/2 Wild Growth, etc.

	Does not work with a Ley Druid, as its untap is now an instant.

Storm Cauldron makes lands return to their owner's hands when
tapped for mana, and allows all players to put out one extra land
on their turn.  This untaps lands.


    Storm Cauldron + Stasis + Kismet
	You can pay for Stasis's upkeep, and put the same
	untapped Island back into play to pay for the upkeep
	on the next turn.

    Storm Cauldron + Fastbond
	If you can deal with the damage from Fastbond,
	you can get infinite colored mana.  Use Reverse Damage,
	Ali from Cairo or Sustaining Spirit, Glacial Chasm,
	Martyrdom aimed at a creature with a Green Ward,
	or a dozen other ways.  Just adding Fastbond is like
	a multicolored Channel.

	Gaea's Touch can be used instead of Fastbond if you can
	get it out & back into play repeatedly to allow Forests
	to be replayed.

Scarab of the Unseen + Argivian Archaeologist
	Use Scarab of the Unseen to return Instill Energy on your
	Argivian Archaeologist to your hand; Scarab of the Unseen goes
	to your graveyard.  Cast Instill Energy for G, and use a
	Malachite Talisman w/Power Artifact (1) to untap a Plains with
	4 Wild Growth and a Mana Flare in play.  Tap for WWGGGG.
	Untap the Argivian Archaeologist and tap him with WW to get the
	Scarab of the Unseen back; recast it (2) and repeat.

Ivory Gargoyle + Vibrating Sphere + Khabal Ghoul/Asmira, Holy Avenger
        Current rulings send the Ivory Gargoyle to the graveyard an
	infinite number of times, as it tries to reenter play at the
	end of your opponent's turn and immediately dies again.  This
	gives you a truly infinite Khabal Ghoul or Asmira, Holy Avenger.

Martyrs of Korlis + Blood of the Martyr
	Artifact damage to you is redirected to Martyrs of Korlis, which
	you can redirect to yourself, which is redirect to Martyrs of Korlis,
	etc.  You can also use Martyrdom instead of Martyrs of Korlis.
	No known way to do anything useful with this damage loop, though.
	If both players use Martyrdom, play can't continue until they
	agree where damage eventually ends up...

	You can create an ever-increasing loop of damage with Jackal Pup,
	Martyrdom and Blood of the Martyr.

Earthcraft + creature generation by paying mana + mana boosters
	Generate a creature by paying mana, use Earthcraft to untap
	a land, repeat.

Sliver Queen + Ashnod's Altar + Heartstone
	Make a Sliver for 1, sacrifice it 2, repeat

Flowstone Hellion + Dwarven Thaumaturgist/Transmutation + sacrifice
	Use the Dwarven Thaumaturgist/Transmutation to reverse
	the Hellion's power & toughness, pump up Hellion, then sacrifice
	to Worthy Cause, Diamond Valley, Life Chisel, Exile,
	Death Watch, etc.

Lancers en-Kor + Justice
        Any of the en-Kor creatures can redirect damage to itself
	+ Justice can set up an infinite backlash of red damage.
	Furnace of Rath and/or Mogg Maniac helps, too.

Second, add side effects (if needed).  Anything that can damage you, add life,
add mana, pump something, etc.  Transform effects into other effects.

Infinite damage:
Add Haunting Wind/Artifact Possession to engines that re-re-tap artifacts
Add Seizures to engines that re-re-tap creatures
Add Psychic Venom to engines that re-re-tap lands
Add Rocket Launcher to turn infinite mana into damage

Infinite life:
Add Reverse Damage to any infinite damage engine
Add another Spirit Link to any Spirit Link engine
Add Sol'kanar w/Sleight of Mind to any engine that re-re-casts a spell
Add WW + Alabaster Potion to turn infinite mana into life
Add W + Swords to Plawshares to turn infinite creature into life

Infinite mana:
Add Channel to an infinite life engine
Add Wild Growth/Mana Flare/High Tide to any engine that taps land for mana
Add City of Shadows with at least 4 counters and the proper Talisman to any
    engine that re-re-casts a spell
Add Iceberg, or Mana Drain your own X-cost Instant or Interrupt to get
    infinite mana generated in some other phase to your main phase (as
    colorless mana)
Energy Tap an infinite creature

Infinite creatures:
Add Khabal Ghoul to any engine that re-re-sends a creature to any graveyard
Add Asmira, Holy Avenger to any engine that re-re-sends a creature
    to your graveyard
Add RR + infinite mana for infinite Rock Hydra or Balduvian Hydra
Add a Mountain Titan Sleighted to whatever color spell you can re-re-cast
Add Goblin Warrens + 2 Goblins and infinite red mana for infinite Goblins

Infinite cards:
Add Verduran Enchantress to any engine that re-re-casts Enchantments
Add Lich to any infinite life engine to draw cards
Add UU + Braingeyser to change infinite mana into cards
Add Inheritance to engines that loop creatures & create mana
Add cantrips to any spell recasting engine

Infinite tapping:
Add Paralyze to any infinite mana engine [upkeep only]
Also add Animate Artifact to infinitely tap artifacts
or add Living Plane to infinitely tap land

Many others...

Third, change mana colors as needed.

Initiates of the Ebon Hand/Farrelite Priest to turn any color mana
(or colorless mana) into black or white mana.
    Add Sunglasses of Urza to use white mana as red mana.
    Add Sleight of Mind to use white mana as blue or green mana.

You can also get any colors of mana using Rainbow Vale
and any infinite land-untap loop.

Finally, turn infinite colored mana into infinite anything using
Concordant Crossroads + Enduring Renewal/Puppet Master + some way to sacrifice
or destroy a creature (Ashnod's Altar, Fallen Angel, Rocket Launcher, etc).

Cast creature, tap creature for some ability, kill it,
get it back with Enduring Renewal, repeat.

Recast Ley Druid to get infinite land tapping.

Cast Atog and recast Argivian Archaeologist to get infinite artifact tapping.

Use deck cycling cards to recast any Sorceries, Instants, etc.

I estimate there are millions of infinite combos possible.
Most combinations use one or more of the following techniques:

	Untapping a card by tapping another card and/or paying mana.

	Useful untapping cards:
	Ley Druid/Juniper Order Druid
	Candelabra of Tawnos
	Magnetic Mountain
	Instill Energy (reusable if returned to hand)
	Jandor's Saddlebags
	Maze of Ith
	all Talismans
	Magus of the Unseen
	Elder Druid
	Fyndhorn Brownie
	Battle Cry
	4th edition Ebony Horse
	Chain Stasis
	Energy Arc
	Benthic Explorers
	Nature's Chosen (reuasble if returned to hand)
	Early Harvest
	Dream Tides
	Relentless Assault
	Quirion Ranger
	Griffin Canyon
	Llanowar Druid
	Maze of Shadows
	Puppet Strings
	Seeker of Skybreak
	Intruder Alarm
	Great Whale
	Horseshoe Crab
	Peregrine Drake
	Tidal Bore

	Not so useful untapping cards:
	pre-4th edition Ebony Horse
	Hyperion Blacksmith
	Elvish Scout
	Basalt Monolith (due to errata)
	Mana Vault (due to errata)
	Eater of the Dead
	Silkenfist Fighter
	Silkenfist Order

Return card from graveyard to play, using reusable effect
Return card to hand from graveyard or play, using reusable effect
	Also untaps the card when recast.  Adding Concordant Crossroads
	or Fervor allows creature tapping abilities to be reused.
	Fastbond allows lands to be replayed.  Talismans allow untapping
	when recast.  Taking another turn with Time Vault, Time Walk,
	or Time Warp untaps everything.

	Useful returning cards:
	pre-4th edition Nether Shadow
	Hell's Caretaker
	Puppet Master
	Time Elemental
	2 Regrowth
	Argivian Archaeologist
	Obelisk of Undoing
	Adun Oakenshield
	Skull of Orm
	Foul Familiar
	Animate Dead/Dance of the Dead (w/Skull of Orm)
	Leshrac's Sigil
	2 Forgotten Lore (if only cards in graveyard)
	Freyalise's Charm
	Blinking Spirit
	Enduring Renewal
	Hallowed Ground
	Soldevi Digger
	Scarab of the Unseen
	Omen of Fire
	Viscerid Armor
	False Demise
	Cycle of Life
	Seedling Charm
	Ivory Gargoyle
	Infernal Harvest
	Shrieking Drake
	2 Elven Cache
	Sun Clasp
	2 Relearn
	Timid Drake
	Alabaster Dragon
	Avenging Angel
	Crown of Flames
	Disturbed Burial
	Flickering Ward
	Selenia, Dark Angel
	Shimmering Wings
	Volrath's Curse
	Cards with buyback (Whispers of the Muse, many others)
	Hibernation Sliver

	Not so useful returning cards:
	Witch Hunter
	Dreams of the Dead
	Mtenda Griffin
	Bogardan Phoenix
	Bull Elephant
	Shattered Crypt
	Phantom Wings
	Argivian Find
	Harvest Wurm
	Sylvan Hierophant
	Angelic Renewal
	Firestorm Phoenix (Rulings prevent recasting its Clone)
	Broken Fall
	Ghost Town
	Rootwater Diver
	Tradewind Rider

Channel/Spirit Link
	Paying mana to cause damage, gaining life from Spirit Link,
	and Channeling the life to mana.  Sol'kanar and Enchantments
	like Lifetap and Contemplation can also be used.

	Creatures and artifacts that damage by only paying mana:
	Rocket Launcher
	Brothers of Fire
	Electric Eel
	Wormwood Treefolk
	Ifh-Biff Efreet
	Thorn Thallid + Fungal Bloom
	Crypt Rats

	Not so useful:
	Snow Fortress
	Flowstone Salamander

	Lots of cards can damage by tapping, or tapping + mana.
	Add a way to untap for more combos.

	Sacrificing something for mana or creatures or pumping or damage
	Ashnod's Altar
	Homarid Spawning Bed
	Dark Heart of the Wood
	Zuran Orb
	Skull Catapult
	Fallen Angel
	City of Shadows
	Diamond Valley
	Krovikan Horror

Creature activations of 0 that don't have effects until resolution
	If the creature is not an artifact creature, use
	Ashnod's Transmogrant, then add Haunting Wind or
	Artifact Possession and repeatedly use the 0-cost
	activation power for infinite damage.

Timetwister and Soldevi Digger (or pre-errata CH Feldon's Cane)
	These cards cycle your library.  If you can draw your entire
	library each turn, you can get infinite turns.

Generating a creature for < 3 mana (without tapping)
	Make a creature for 2 mana, possibly use Earthcraft to untap
	a land, sacrifice to Ashnod's Altar, repeat:
	  Sliver Queen
	  Four pre-3rd edition Nether Shadows (in graveyard)
	  Master of the Hunt with Ashnod's Transmogrant and Power Artifact
	  Goblin Warrens (w/Earthcraft)
	  Kjeldoran Outpost (w/Earthcraft + mana boosters/color laundering)
	  Lab Rats (w/Earthcraft + mana boosters/cost reducers)
	  Llanowar Sentinel sort of works...
	  Jungle Patrol and other creatures that require a
	  tap can be made to work by adding untapping cards.

Animating artifacts and lands so they count as creatures,
	Animating an artifact or land with Animate Artifact,
	Xenic Poltergeist, Living Plane, Mishra's Groundbreaker, etc,
	so it can be Instilled, Puppet Mastered, Paralyzed, etc.

Mana Laundering
	Using Initiates of the Ebon Hand and Farrelite Priest to
	turn colorless mana into black or white mana, using
	Skyshroud Elf to get red or green mana, Sleighting Sunglasses
	to get blue mana.

Mana Boosting
	Extra mana using lands that can be tapped for >1 mana,
	turning a creature in Camarids using the Homarid Spawning Bed
	and then Ashnod's Altar, or having Sol'kanar the Swamp King in
	play with Channel (remember that you cannot have more than one
	Sol'kanar in play at a time).  Mana generated during upkeep or
	attack phases can be used to cast a non-Instant/Interrupt by using
	an Ice Cauldron or Iceberg.

	Extra mana:
	Urza lands
	City of Shadows
	Wild Growth
	Mana Flare
	High Tide
	Gauntlet of Might
	Chaos Moon
	Winter's Night
	Scorched Ruins
	Lotus Vale

Cost Reducing
	Reducing casting costs with Planar Gate, Stone Calendar,
	Mana Matrix, Helm of Awakening, Aluren, Ruby Medallion, etc.
	Reducing activation costs with Heartstone or Power Artifact
	(can reduce non-artifact creature costs by using
	Ashnod's Transmogrant on them).

Damage prevention
	Some combos give you infinite damage; Glacial Chasm, Ali from Cairo,
	Sustaining Spirit, Worship can stop it.  You can also use
	Reverse Damage.

Card Drawing
	Spells that replace themselves (e.g. Shadow Rift) can create
	card-drawing loops.  See also Recycle, Horn of Greed,
	Provoke, Thieving Magpie.

Special abilities
	Cards like Winding Canyons and Aluren allow infinite combinations
	that involve resummoning creatures or using abilities that are only
	legal during special times like upkeep or combat.


Obviously, many of these infinite combinations aren't practical.  Some of
the most reasonable ones are, in order of number of cards + colors needed...

[mana] designates a combo that needs a way to use infinite mana
[upkeep] designates a combo that needs a way to use mana during upkeep

=== two cards, one color ===
Soldevi Digger + Time Walk/Time Warp (+ empty library)

=== three cards, one color ===
Enduring Renewal + Ashnod's Altar + 0-cost creature/Su-Chi/Brass Man [mana]
Storm Cauldron + Glacial Chasm + Fastbond [mana]
Flowstone Hellion + Dwarven Thaumaturgist + Life Chisel/Diamond Valley

=== three cards, two colors ===
Enduring Renewal + Atog + Ornithopter or Su-Chi
Enduring Renewal + Fallen Angel + 0-cost creature or Su-Chi
Storm Cauldron + Ali from Cairo/Sustaining Spirit + Fastbond [mana]
Storm Cauldron + Reverse Damage + Fastbond [mana]
Ley Druid + Paralyze + City of Shadows w/5 counters [upkeep]
Living Plane + Paralyze + City of Shadows w/5 counters [upkeep]
Candelabra of Tawnos + Animate Artifact + Paralyze (+ some Urza lands) [upkeep]
Urza's Avenger + Haunting Wind/Artifact Possession + Reverse Damage
Recycle + Forbidden Crypt + Dark Ritual [mana]

=== three cards, five colors ===
Sliver Queen + Heartstone + Ashnod's Altar

=== four cards, one color ===
Leshrac's Sigil + Onyx Talisman + City of Shadows w/8 counters + IotEH [mana]
Candelabra of Tawnos w/Animate Artifact + Maze of Ith + Urza lands
(or Mana Flare, Wild Growth, etc)

=== four cards, two colors ===
Concordant Crossroads + 2 Hell's Caretakers + Khabal Ghoul
Enduring Renewal + Zuran Orb + Fastbond + Living Lands or Living Plane
 (+ Forest/land)
Enduring Renewal + Ashnod's Altar + 2 IotEH [mana]
Enduring Renewal + Ashnod's Altar + Concordant Crossroads
 + Elder Druid [mana]
Blinking Spirit + Ashnod's Transmogrant + Haunting Wind
 + Reverse Damage (must stack up activations)
[Other creatures with 0-cost activations work, such as Hyalopterous Lemure,
Dark Maze, etc.]
2 Overgrowth (on an Island) + Living Plane + Chain Stasis [mana]

=== four cards, three colors ===
Ley Druid + Maze of Ith + Psychic Venom/Seizures + Reverse Damage
Norritt + Sleight of Mind (or Thoughtlace) + Seizures + Reverse Damage
Enduring Renewal + Dark Heart of the Wood + Fastbond + Living Lands
 (+ Forest)

=== five cards (four in graveyard), one color ===
Four 3rd Edition Nether Shadows + Fallen Angel
Four 3rd Edition Nether Shadows + Khabal Ghoul
Four 3rd Edition Nether Shadows + Ashnod's Altar [mana]

=== five cards, two colors ===
Ley Druid + Paralyze + Urza's Tower w/2 Wild Growth [upkeep]
Hallowed Ground + Fastbond + Farrelite Priest + one of 3 Urza Lands
 + Reverse Damage (can get infinite life + any amound of mana)
Enduring Renewal + Ashnod's Altar + Didgeridoo + Power Artifact
 + any Minotaur

=== five cards, three colors ===
Rocket Launcher + Animate Artifact + 2 Spirit Links + Channel
Norritt + Sleight of Mind (or Thoughtlace) + Ashnod's Transmogrant
 + Haunting Wind + Reverse Damage

=== six cards, three colors ===
Brothers of Fire w/2 Spirit Links + Farrelite Priest + Sunglasses + Channel
Wormwood Treefolk w/3 Spirit Links + Initiates + Channel


Here are some infinite combos using cards from a single release.

	Time Vault, Animate Artifact, Instill Energy

	Timetwister/Time Walk/Regrowth w/card drawing
	(Verduran Enchantresses, etc)

Pre-revised, 3rd, 4th edition:
	Ley Druid, Paralyze, land w/4 Wild Growths

	Living Lands, Paralyze, Forest w/4 Wild Growths

4th edition:
	Use Nevinyrral's Disk & Armageddon (tapping lands first),
	then cast Stasis, Kismet, Birds of Paradise + Instill Energy,
	and about any creature w/Instill Energy to attack each turn.
	(not infinite, but opponent is locked out)
	You can also run your opponent out of cards by having a
	Chronatog eat your turns.

	Concordant Crossroads, 2 Hell's Caretakers (not profitable)

Ice Age:
	Mountain w/3 Wild Growth, 4 Chaos Moons,
	Reality Twist, Blinking Spirit, Nacre Talisman

	Plains w/4 Wild Growth, 2 Juniper Order Druids,
	3 Nacre Talismans, Blinking Spirit

	Enduring Renewal, Malachite Talisman,
	land w/2 Wild Growth, Tinder Wall

	Freyalise's Charm, Malachite Talisman,
	Mountain w/ 4 Wild Growth, 4 Chaos Moons

	Norritt Sleighted to untap itself (not profitable)
	(well, you can add Seizures, but you can't change the
	damage into life using just Ice Age cards)

Arabian Nights:
The Dark:
Fallen Empires:
Urza's Saga:
	None I know of using just these sets.


Lich + Fastbond + Dark Heart of the Wood + Guardian Angel
Sacrifice a Forest for 3 "life" (Lich=draw 3 cards), play a Forest (1 damage
from Fastbond), tap Forest to prevent damage using Guardian Angel,
net gain = 2 cards.  Sacrifice tapped Forest to repeat.
Lasts as long as you have Forests to play and/or sacrifice.
Add Timetwister and Regrowth to recycle sacrificed Forests.

Lich + Library of Leng + Ivory Tower
If you start with 5 cards, Ivory Tower + Lich has you draw 1.  If you
don't play any cards, next turn you draw 2.  Then 4.  Then 8.  Then 16...

Necropotence + Ivory Tower
With 4 cards in hand, pay 3 life to collect 3 cards during discard
phase.  During upkeep, gain 3 life, play up to 3 cards, repeat.

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