Off the Air
The Further Adventures of Pete Moss, Space Detective
Tirebiter at the Studio
S h o c k w a v e Radio Theater has been working on a radio SPECIAL RADIO GUESTS show. Actually, a TV show. David Ossman Well, it's a TV show about & Phil Proctor a radio show, set in the of Firesign Theatre future in the 1950's. Dan Coffey The TV show is called "Off of Ask Dr. Science the Air" and is set in 1953. It's about a radio show called "Pete Moss, Space Detective" set in 2041...
Special guest George Tirebiter arrives at the radio station

regnaD kciN
The story starts with a shady character entering Pete's office....
WHO IS the stranger?


What does he want?

Is he on the level? 'I think the gumshoe is getting wise' NO ANCHOVIES? Rocky Rococo!?

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George Leroy Tirebiter More...

Authentic radio station courtesy of the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting