Here are some pictures of David Ossman doing George Tirebiter's Radio Follies in Minneapolis. And here's David Ossman, me, and Phil Proctor rehearsing for Minicon 33.
Here's Dr. Science (crouching), Dave Romm (R), and me (L) visiting the Mystery Science Theater 3000 studios, Dr. Science with Tom Servo & Crow & Gypsy, and Dr. Science & Dave Romm at MST3K.

Minicon Pictures

.................Just a few of the many costumes at Minicon:
Babylon 5 characters, Beetlejuice, Boba Fett taking pictures, Brak, Green alien, Lit-up alien, Marvin the Martian, Mechanoid, Royalty, The Shadow & friend, and The Tick
The "Humor and Science Fiction" panel:

First, Phil Proctor did some ballyhoo
out front to entice conventioneers.
"Free admission, only a dollar!"
Freditor and Richard Fish came looking
for the promised naked women.

David Ossman seemed to be
enjoying things.

The redoubtable Phil Proctor talking
about Gattaca or something.

Toastmaster John M. Ford, wondering when
Phil will give him a chance to speak.

Dave Ossman and Jerry Stearns.

Transcripts available from Merkle Press.

The radio workshop on Sunday afternoon.

Jerry, Phil, and Dave getting ready to start things.

The pseudoproducer David Ossman.

Dave & Phil make a promo for Sound Affects, with
Jerry directing the unruly audience to act like
an unruly mob.

Phil and Dave explaining how radio works.

Phil (back to camera, behind Dave) directs the many
actors while Dave goes over technical aspects.

Performing the radio play comes out just right,
at the last minute.  Melinda at left mike by
the sound effects table, Phil directs the kids
playing the kittens, and Dave acts like a
producer by doing nothing.